The autonomic ataxia(自律神経失調症とは)

 Autonomic ataxia is the generic term of symptoms caused by an imbalance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system.
Development of various symptoms such as sleeplessness and poor blood circulation is the characteristic of autonomic ataxia.
Several symptoms appear in many cases and it is rare that autonomic ataxia exhibits just one symptom.

 It is often happens that the focus is given to treatments for specific symptoms or symptomatic treatments only based on “symptoms” without recognizing underlying autonomic ataxia. However, what is important is to cure underlying causes but not symptoms.

The POLLEN RIFF(ポーレンリフとは)

 POLLEN RIFF contains proper balance of nutrients necessary for human health and directly acts on autonomic nerves. POLLEN RIFF is a healthy food mainly from pollen extract obtained in Sweden and is regularly used by a lot of people who really think about health.
 Although it is difficult for Japanese people to have image of eating pollen, in European and American countries where abundant nutrients of pollen have been utilized to improve health, pollen is called “perfect food” and attracts wide popularity.
 Being mainly made from pollen which directly acts on autonomic nerves, POLLEN RIFF is healthy food suitable for those who have trouble of the autonomic ataxia.

Product introduction(商品紹介)

Features of the product

  • To activate autonomic nerve and metabolism.
  • To dissipate stress and alleviate fatigue & exhaustion.
  • To adjust internal hormone.
  • To improve constitution of allergy.
  • To stabilize mentality.
  • To be helpful to solve skin problems such as black skin, pimple, wrinkle, skin allergy etc., and also to the people suffering from diabetes, liver disorder, constipation, gastric ulcer etc.


 Take 3-6pcs. per day whenever you like to eat them. It will be most effective for you to eat them at time of your hungry. Try them at time 15-20 minutes before meals.


 Keep the product as the place with normal temperature and humidity. The life of the product will be available for 3 years.

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 One box contains 90 pcs. of stick pack: 1.5g×90 pcs


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